Winter Programme

In November, December, January and February we hold a varied Winter Programme. The venue and speakers will be published here once available. A typical evening involves a speaker from the angling world talking tactics and techniques, answering questions from the audience and often tying a few flies. We also have a raffle and sometimes free chips during the break.

We meet from 8:00pm – 10:00pm. Most speakers deliver a prepared presentation followed by tying a few of their flies, with plenty of time for questions to be answered. We also have a raffle which usually includes the flies demonstrated.

Each sessions will start at 8.00pm in The White Swan pub, Main St, Holcot, Northampton NN6 9SP

November 10th, 2022.  Ask the Experts

Members have asked that our more successful anglers share their experiences in efforts to help each of us achieve the best results possible. Therefore, we have formed a panel to answer all your questions.

December 8th 2022.    Quiz night 
John Mills will present an interesting  fishing related quiz that will test us all.

January 19th 2023.       Bring and buy
Bring along some of your spare fishing items and sell or trade them to other members. This has always been a great evening and has given the opportunity to take home some very valuable gear at an incredibly low price.

February 16th 2023.      Pond life
Kevin Rowleyour resident bug expert,  will give an informative presentation on the life in our ponds, no doubt with lots of live examples.

We hope to see you there
Tight Lines!