Improver Session

MNTFA prides itself on helping anglers improve their skills, regardless if you are a new angler just wanting to try fly-fishing for trout out or have experience and desire to improve your skills. Should you choose to join with us in some of our matches, fun-days or simply mingle with the group, we welcome you.

Half or full day sessions with an experienced club member can be provided to
any club member. You will need to provide your own tackle and flies and pay
for your permit and half of the boat. Your ‘guide’ will manage the boat during
the session.

This is intended as an opportunity for less experienced and new members to
improve their own fly fishing success by fishing alongside someone who knows
the venue, the top areas at different times of the year and the best lines and
flies to use. Correct use of the anchor and drogue can also be covered.

To request a session please email and someone will be
in touch.