Past Members

Phil Cross

Phil was an MNTFA committee member and organised our competitions for some years.
He fished for us and the Barclaycard team in inter-club matches. He was a regular supporter at fly-tying events.
He later concentrated more on rivers and enjoyed fishing trips with his friends to the Test, Derbyshire, the West Country and the Welsh Dee. He was an easy-going companion on the road or in a boat.
He kept a keen interest in the club’s development and audited the accounts.   
1946 – 2023

Charlie Watts

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family”.
“A great fisherman and a true Gentleman”.
“An excellent, enthusiastic angler and great company”.
“Deepest sympathies to his family”.

Mike Philpott

Mike was a kind and caring friend who will be sadly missed. He served as Club Chairman for 5 years and Treasurer for 15 years. He enjoyed fishing in matches, coaching and organising events. Mike was a successful competition angler.
1943 – 2022

Gavin Layton

Hi everyone,
If you are reading this
I have gone and passed away
Five years of ups and downs
But hurray the pain has gone today
Sorry over the last few months
If I have upset or not rung
It when you are dying it’s not much fun
No funeral I will have
Just a box on the fire
Under a tree in the garden I will be
But if I gave crossed your path
I know in your heart
I will be free
To fly with the birds or
At the beach but most probably
Gone fishing from here to eternity
So don’t cry for me
Just smile and say
Gavs gone fishing today
I am sure we will meet up
Another day x

Gavin Layton 26.1.2021 gone fishing forever now

Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper of Great Bowden, our Membership Secretary died suddenly on 30th May 2019, aged 76 years.
Ashley joined MNTFA over 40 years ago and Membership Secretary for the past 20 years.

He loved his boat fishing, especially drifting on Pitsford and Grafham water. His favourite areas of Pitsford were Brixworth Bay, the Cliffs, the Holly Bush and the Pines

He was always open with his fly choice and would freely give advice on fly tying.

He was also a proud member of the English Fly Fishing Association,

Anyone who new Ashley can vouch that he was quick witted with an very dry
offbeat sense of humour.
1942—- 2019